Committed to Excellence

The quality of our artists is at the heart of our longevity and success.

Presenting performers at the pinnacle of their careers has always been a core commitment for Music Niagara. In the early days, they came because Atis asked them to, without knowing anything about our wonderful community. Now they come because they know an invitation from Music Niagara is a signal achievement.

Each year’s repertoire showcases the work of exceptional Canadian and international composers and performers—to delight and stimulate both the newest and the most sophisticated listeners.

Committed to Musical Diversity

In a world of specialty Festivals, Music Niagara is proud to offer a selection of performances that span the musical spectrum—chamber music, choral, vocal, contemporary, country, folk, jazz—stimulating audiences with its diversity.

Within these genres, the program acknowledges great milestones in musical and Canadian history. In order to celebrate the bicentennial of the historic War of 1812, the Festival commissioned an original new opera, by Canadian composer Mark Richards, Laura Secord: An Opera and two other 1812 themed works by Dimitriy Varelas and Mikhail Bronner. In 2014, Music Niagara commissioned two original works: one to commemorate the first World War—The Battle of Vimy Ridge by Mark Richards and second a jazz quintet titled “A Day at the Beach” by Ben Hognestad.

Committed to Emerging Talent

Almost 50 years ago, Atis was plucked from his school to attend a specialized training program to nurture his emerging talent. He brings to Music Niagara an unbridled desire to provide for others what was offered to him.

Today, our young virtuosos program presents some of Canada’s finest emerging talents, at the formative stages of their budding professional careers. Over the last decade, our audiences have taken great satisfaction from “hearing them here first” as they go on to critical acclaim around the world.

In 2014, Music Niagara, with the help of an innovative sponsor added a unique and creative element to support young performers’ The MUSIC NIAGARA Performance Academy. On summer weekends during the Festival, The Academy, with resources from the Shaw Festival, provides an innovative program specialized performance training for gifted young musicians, pairing students with senior members of Niagara’s performing arts community to mentor and guide their on-stage presence.

Young Virtuosos in the Schools enables teams of exceptional young musicians to travel to regional primary and high schools to present concerts and introduce students to the wonder of music. The program also supports the development of young musicians through in-school master classes and the Music Niagara Instrument Bank, making high-quality instruments available to deserving young musicians.

Committed to our Community

Niagara visitors who find Music Niagara for the first time, marvel at the stature of our performers and how wonderful it is to experience them in the intimacy of our special venues—churches, parks, wineries and restaurants, to name a few.

But the Festival’s recognition of our unique “place” is only one small tribute to our community. Each year a selection of our concerts are imbued with a festive social air—picnics, receptions, and al fresco dinners—offering new and exciting ways for audience members to be a part of the community and experience music like never before.

In recent years, the Festival has brought a variety of free concerts to the community, both during the summer season and throughout the year. The popular Sunday in the Park series, in Simcoe Park, has showcased big band show-stoppers such as the Lincoln Welland Regiment Association Band, and international favourites like the Karakoro Eisa Dance and Drums of Japan.

Being a part of our community also means working with a wide variety of partners to highlight all the reasons people are drawn to our town. This powerful collaboration explores mutually-beneficial marketing, venue, and production opportunities. We all win and so do our audiences.

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