Elmer Iseler Singers – 40th Anniversary

It’s a Canadian jewel of an ensemble with a well-deserved international reputation for choral brilliance. Fully professional and twenty jubilant voices strong, the Elmer Iseler Singers will make the rafters ring, when they perform at the United Mennonite Church (1775 Niagara Stone Road, NOTL) on

July 19 (7:30pm)

Conducted by visionary Artistic Director, Lydia Adams, the Elmer Iseler Singers will treat us to a thrilling range of choral music, from Leonard Bernstein to Healey Willan. They’ll demonstrate just why they’ve won a Juno, and why they’re in demand in concert halls worldwide.

Elmer Iseler Singers
Elmer Iseler Singers

The ensemble was founded in 1978 by the remarkable Elmer Iseler, who directed it until his death in 1998. We’re sure he’d be thrilled to see how the tradition continues to thrive and strengthen to this day. And we’re thrilled to celebrate the group’s fortieth anniversary the same year as we salute our own twentieth!

Imagine being in the audience, listening to twenty resonating voices singing in perfect four-part harmony. Critics have called their performances “divine” and “mesmerising,” not to mention “absolutely stunning.”
Please join us and listen for yourself. Revel in the glory of an unforgettable choral experience. We’re sure you’ll treasure the experience!

Tickets for this concert, from $45 +HST


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