Current Donors

Thank you for choosing to support Music Niagara with your donation.

Your gifts make a profound difference to our financial and artistic success and in the lives of so many music-lovers, musicians and students.

This is a list of donors to our Annual Operating Fund for the period January 1, 2017 – January 10, 2018

Artist $5000

Richard and Diane Armstrong
Marilyn Bartlett and Atis Bankas
John Graham
Chris and Jeanne Jennings

Prodigy $2500-$4999

Keith Ambachtsheer and Virginia Atkin
Joan and Larry Bourk
Mary Hill
Bob and Elaine Lavery
Peter and Janet Partridge

Musician $1000-$2499

Ruth and Scott Aspinall
Walter M. Bowen and Lisa Balfour Bowen
David and Faith Bell
Remy Burrows
Barbara and Leonard Conolly
Kevin Conway and Sally Basmajian
Jane and Gary Griesdorf
Douglas and Colleen Hunter
Annabel Kennedy and Mario Ferrara
Virginia and James Mainprize
Ginny Medland Green and Paul Green
Steve Menich and Mary Ellen Cullen
Richard and Nadine Osborn
Linda Parsons
Vic Ramanauskas and Marlene Masales
Kathy and Tim Taylor
Ian and Margret Waddell

Virtuoso $500-$999

Sally Adamson
Ron and Patricia Balasiuk
Carol Beckmann and Bradford Nixon
Leslie Boldt and Michael Moses
Dr. Michael Bulger and Joanne Pickard
Dawn and Jeff Chipman
Cal and Marilyn Cochrane
Marnie Collins
Cosmo Condina
Lars Dios and Elisabeth Wills Dios
Betty Disero
Patty and Bill Garriock
Ric Heinl
Jo Holden and Rai Lauge
Margaret Huber
Douglas Kiefer and Grazyna Bergman
Donna and David Lailey
Gail Lord
Elizabeth Oliver Malone
Susan and Roger Peacock
Doug and Chris Phibbs
Joy Rogers
Allan Ross and Valerie Taylor
Harriet Stairs and Edward Mooney
Hermine and Barry Steinberg
Ed and Barbara Werner
Marion and Richard Wilkinson

Player $250-$499

Margot Hickson and Ian Reece
Allan Jacobs
Kate Verweij

Minstrel $125-$249

Linda and Verne Chant
Erika Fast
Barbara Mathewson
Wayne and Sue Murray
Jim Reynolds and Patricia Hartman

Ensemble $50-$124

Sarah Chapman-Jay
Catherine Cornell and Declan Lane
Hugh and Joanne Dow
Frank and Donna Fraser
Carol Hutchinson
Richard and Joan Larocque
Jane and Stephen Locke
Sarah Lynch
Margaret Matyus
Leo and Marilyn McCready
David and Linda McKay
John McMillan
Lawrence and Sheila Porter
Margaret Procter
Paula Shapiro
Adam Spence
Margaret Tarnowski
Denny Young

Friend $20-$49

Kathleen Ashwood
Gavin and Joyce James
Evalyn and Stefan Sullivan

The following individuals have asked that their donation be directed towards the Music Niagara Performance Academy

An Anonymous donation
     In honour of Sally Basmajian
David and Diane Hemmings
Chris and Jeanne Jennings
Terry and Terry Mactaggart
Susan and Roger Peacock

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