Music Niagara 2018 – Our 20th Anniversary!

Atis Bankas
Atis Bankas

Dear friends,

It’s a dream come true. From our modest beginnings in 1999, we approach our 20th season thrilled with having become a major Canadian music festival, recognized nationally and worldwide.

In designing Music Niagara’s programming, I’m guided by the principles of excellence, integrity and fun. We present exceptional international musicians, including top Canadian performers. Music Niagara also showcases and nurtures young talent, the stars of tomorrow, with our Young Virtuosos series and the 5th season of our Music Niagara Performance Academy. My heart is filled with emotion as I see a number of artists, including former students who are now fully-fledged professionals, return to us for our gala 20th season.

Having emigrated from Lithuania many years ago, I know the struggles a performing artist faces in becoming re-established in a new land. Music Niagara takes pride in providing performance opportunities to great musicians born abroad who have come to Canada for a better life. They contribute to the diverse Canadian fabric that unites us all.

Take time to read through this year’s lineup. Classical, jazz, opera, choral, country, folk, and more—there’s something for everyone in forty events spread over six weeks. So much to enjoy at your festival!

Atis Bankas