Honouring First Nations’ Participation in WW1 & 2

A special Music Niagara Festival Lunch/concert at St. Mark’s  Church, NOTL Immediately after The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Ceremony at the Cenotaph

Admission by Donation ($20 includes $5 Canteen lunch) with proceeds donated to the Last Post Fund’s Indigenous Veterans Initiative.

Music Niagara Festival Artistic Director Atis Bankas announced a heartfelt Remembrance Day concert program in tribute to those who gave their lives to serve and protect our country.  

Bankas said he felt compelled to honour the First Nations’ wartime participation in this special concert because:

“Thousands of Indigenous people participated in the Canadian military forces during the First and Second World Wars.   A number of these brave soldiers were awarded medals for their heroic acts, and many of them lost their lives on battlefields, or were wounded.  Most Indigenous communities also participated in diverse war efforts on the home front.   But despite all of their sacrifices and contributions, the Indigenous peoples’ efforts have not received enough recognition.”

“This year at Remembrance Day we will feature a program that sheds light on these brave soldiers, and we will donate  proceeds from this concert to the Last Post Fund’s Indigenous Veterans Initiative.” 

The special Remembrance Day Concert will feature some of the country’s top talent including: Barbara Croall, an accomplished composer, performer and teacher from the Odawa First Nations playing native flute Pipiguan and Indigenous drums. 

We are fortunate to also have performances by renowned concert pianist Victoria Kogan, Soprano Inga Filipova, and our young Music Niagara Performance Academy student, Leonid Kogan, on violin.  With narration by Guy Bannerman, this memorable event will highlight the remarkable contributions of First Nations war veterans.

For further information please contact Karen Lade, General Manager, at
klade@musicniagara.org or (905) 468-5566 or visit us at https://www.musicniagara.org/.

Please join us and support the Last Post Fund’s Indigenous Veterans Initiative: