Quartetto Gelato and Joe Pillitteri
Quartetto Gelato

Quartetto Gelato and Joe Pillitteri

Sunday August 30th at 4pm

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Music and Laughter – Filmed at Chateau des Charmes:

This is Quartetto Gelato, a dazzling ensemble band of multi-instrument mastery that is dedicated to surprising audiences with their varied — and yes, highly unusual – repertoire of songs. Quartetto Gelato is joined by Niagara’s own celebrity comedian Joe Pillitteri, the perfect addition to an already hilarious cast of characters.


NY Psycho Freylekhs – Traditional – arr. Charles Cozens

Blue Rondo Alla Turk – Dave Brubeck/W.A. Mozart – arr. Charles Cozens

Slow Train – Flanders and Swann – arr. DeSotto/Steljes

Sicilienne – G. Faure – arr. Kirk Starkey

One More Minute – Weird Al Yankovic – arr. Colin Maier

Cigano – Fafa Lemos – arr. Scott McIntosh

Elegie of the Swan and the Lark – Charles Cozens

Romamolda Hora – Traditional – arr. Sevastian/DeSotto

Tanti Anni Prima – Astor Piazolla – arr. Charles Cozens

Mesecina – Goran Bregovic – arr. Tino Popovic