Ludwig in Vienna – Three Pearls
Atis Banks Beethoven

Ludwig in Vienna – Three Pearls

Sunday September 20th at 4pm

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A glimpse into Beethoven’s musical development as reflected in three sonatas for piano and violin.

In tribute and recognition of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven who lived in Vienna most of his adult life, Atis Bankas (violin) and Victoria Kogan (piano) perform three sonatas for piano and violin, each to an extent reflective of Beethoven’s creative evolution.

Opus 12, No. 1 (1798) is elegantly and happily classical in form and sound, but already distinctly in his voice. Op.30 No.6 (1801-2) has the maturity, melody and grace that we associate with his other well-known sonatas for these two instruments, the ‘Kreutzer” and the “Spring’, both composed in the same period. The third sonata, Opus 96, No.10 (1812), exudes warmth and sadness, and a hint of resignation to a fate that decreed his deafness, driving his music to the heights and darker reaches not evident in his earlier works.