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Carol & David Appel


Margot Hickson & Ian Reece

Randy & Lynne LeGallais

Ginny & Paul Green


Fry Family Foundation

Annabel Kennedy and Mario Ferrara

Ed and Barb Werner

Chautauqua Neighbourhood Group



Dr. Elizabeth Oliver Malone

Jane, Gary, and Scarlatti Griesdorf

Jeff & Dawn Chipman

Bob and Elaine Lavery

Richard Baker & Marla Percy

Donna & David Lailey

Larry & Joan Bourk

Mary Powers

Patrick Little

Richard & Nadine Osborn

Douglas Keifer & Grazyna Bergman

Ruth and Scott Aspinall

 Mary Ellen Cullen & Stephen Menich

Susan Peacock

Cal and Marilyn Cochrane

Margaret Huber

Heelis, Little, Almas & Murray LLP




Pat Hartman and Jim Reynolds

Andrea Douglas

Joanne and Hugh Dow

Mary Thomas and Brian Findlay

Stephen & Lynda Tepperman

Jim and Mary Volk

Brad Nixon

Peter and Cynthia Rand

Ruth Lawson

Ruth Wahlstrom

David Israelson and Susan Elliott

Michelle & John Scott

Evelyn Bergen

Andrew Bartlett

Abraham Costin

Kathy & Tim Taylor

Robin Foster

Graham Jullien

Susan Kelly Kister

Peggy Larder & Gerry Shelly

Joan Larocque

Thomas Letson

Gail Lord

Marlene Masales

Margaret Matyus

Robert McCaughey

Fergus ODonnell

Richard Price

Godyne Sibay

Jim Sifton

Wendy & Stuart Smith

Margaret Tarnowski

Helen Vosu

Christina Walker

Ann Watson

Marion Wilkinson

Ellen Williams

Paul Shelestowsky

Flora Bartlett


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